Friday, July 11, 2014

Change of name and intention

After a long period of discernment I have become an Orthodox catechumen. Having, in a sense, become more settled in my journey (although recognizing the journey has just begun) I have decided to steer this blog in a direction different than it has taken in the past. As I am now convinced of Orthodoxy's truth I have much less interest in actively criticizing the merits of the LDS faith and other faiths. I also question what I can offer that has not already been provided by better voices. I hope to offer something a bit less prevalent in the blogosphere- my perspective as a 6th generation cradle Mormon who converted to Eastern Orthodoxy. I imagine this will primarily consist in commentary on things Mormonism and Orthodoxy, especially where there is overlap between the two.

From here on out my blog will be known as Mormon to Orthodox rather than Comparative Religion to fit its new direction.

In Christ,


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